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by | Sep 14, 2017 | Personal Updates

Who I Am:

Hi, my name is Andre and I’ve been running “themusicproducersblog” for the last 9 years. I’m also actively producing music under my alias “Drey Andersson”. When I started making music 12 years ago there weren’t as many resources for musicians and people who wanted to make music and I decided to do my own blog. It all started in 2008 with the blogger platform. Here’s a picture how the blog looked in 2010:


Themusicproducersblog in 2010

What was my motivation behind the blog ?

 With the blog, my aim was to give back to the audio community and provide some valuable information because back in 2008 there weren’t that many people who blogged about music production and provided value.

Why didn’t you continue blogging ?

In 2011 I enrolled into a technical university to study media technology. To be honest I wasn’t passionate about the university and continued producing music. TMPB grew up to 30 000 visitors a month and things seemed to run well until I ran into problems in my personal life and couldn’t keep up upgrading the blog. University + Music Production + Personal Life + Blogging was just too much for me. The result was that my follower base decreased and the blog didn’t get as many visitors as in the beginning.

How did you get so many followers on Instagram ? 

I still didn’t want to give up and thought about how I could do some updates that would benefit the blog. Since I was the only one who was still blogging on the Blogger platform at that time and I felt I couldn’t move forward with it I decided to take the step to move from Blogger to WordPress. That was also the time when I decided to make a dedicated account on Instagram to push my blog posts. Here’s the first Instagram post, I posted it on 25th December 2014:

fist instagram post

I thought how I could benefit the audio community with my Instagram account. I started to repost beautiful studio pictures from studio owners and musicians all around the world. At first, I really felt bad about it because I was reposting content and pictures that weren’t my own. But after I took time to learn the ins and outs of Instagram marketing and got my first   10 000 followers people thanked me for posting their pictures, because they would benefit from the promotion. As of now, the account got more than 135 000 followers worldwide. I wasn’t expecting this at all.

What is the future of TMPB ?

I recently moved to a new city, recharged, left all the bad things behind me and wanted to start from scratch. I redesigned the website and started from zero. All the old posts from the old blog are gone but I will bring back the most valuable posts.

I think one of my biggest mistakes in the past was to try to write about everything I could and blog about 100 different categories. Sure it is fun to write about guitars, synths, audio computers, d.i.y modular synths and more but at the same time you need to look after your priorities.

This time I decided that I start slow with a few articles and subjects that I’m passionate about and let other people from the audio community help me out with their own articles. With this everyone can benefit from this blog. There’s a new section in the top menu where people can click and find out how they can write for TMPB.

I’m also planning on improving the blog and giving more value to all the readers. We already have a facebook group, dedicated music producer playlists and a beautiful Instagram-Feed

Since I’m also working on a new startup as a co-founder I will include a lot of business and entrepreneurial advice into this blog. I want this blog to combine the creative and the business knowledge that I didn’t had 9 years ago.

If you have questions, suggestions, advice on the website etc. feel free to send me an email.

– Andre


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