Mellotape For Xfer Serum

Did you notice that nowadays everyone tries to incorporate vintage sounds into their songs, no matter if it’s pop, hip-hop or any other genre? Heavy detuned sounds with tape noise or vinyl noise?

Let me present you Mellotape, the first Serum bank that puts all the classic synths and all the classic sounds from the 70s, 80s, and 90s at your fingertips with a vintage tape vibe!


Mellotape For Xfer Serum

$54,88 $39,20


What’s inside the pack?

+ 249 more presets…

+ 498 more presets (if “TRANSFORM” Knob is engaged)…

…from 10 different categories like: Bass, Brass, Choir, Ethnic, Guitar, Hybrid, Key, Strings, Synth and Woodwind

…some of the hardware synths that I sampled for the waveforms

…special Features of the Mellotape bank

How would it feel if you could have access to all the classic vintage synths and sound generators from the 70s, 80s and 90s and take them with your laptop to any locations you want?

Are you tired from Serum banks that always have these harsh digital EDM sounds without any character that don’t fit your productions?

With the Mellotape Bank, I created waveforms from many iconic synths for you to use without spending thousands of dollars. Not even mentioning the amount of space all these synths would need in a studio room.

This was never done before and this is the first Serum Bank that concentrates on vintage tape-style sounds from three decades

To achieve this in Serum with the 2 wavetable oscillators and the noise section I used various techniques like:

  • Wavetables from vintage analog and digital synths, mellotrons and organic instruments
  • Wavescanning Synthesis
  • Layering with over 69 Tape/Vinyl/Noise Samples
  • Activating Oscillator drift and detuning parameters
  • Eqing (A lot of patches in this bank emulate the frequency response of the vintage Mellotron)

But you don’t only get over 256 new sounds (261 to be exact) but also 278 new wavetables from all these synths and sound generators to create your own sounds.

To top all that I introduced a “TRANSFORM” knob with the 4 Macros inside Serum. This “TRANSFORM” knob literally transforms every single sound into something completely different by altering the two wavetables. So with this special feature, you get more than 512 new sounds!

To help you with this I created a special video course that comes included with this soundbank and is worth alone more than $50


  • Creating vintage-sounding melodic samples that no one ever heard before because of the unique character of the sounds
  • Set yourself apart from the competition by using unusual sounds
  • Adding an analog vibe to your tracks by layering these patches with other sounds
  • Developing your own sound by using these unique patches
  • Using completely new sounds to create new ideas
  • Learning Serum sound design with the included course

But that’s not all…

Alternative Serum Skin ($10 Value)

I’ve tried a lot of serum skins but this one is one of the best out there. This skin also includes 9 different colour schemes to choose from.

Bonus Video Course ( $50 Value)

This soundbank was made over a period of 3 months and there are lots of hidden features, tips & tricks that I want to show you, just as some basic techniques which will help you to create your own sounds with all the 278 new wavetables that are included.

over 261 new sounds

Including, Bass, Lead, Pluck, Pad and other sounds

over 278 new wavetables

Created from various hardware synths, organic instruments and mellotron waves, edited in a soundeditor to make the perfect wavetables

Bonus Video Course

You get a free video course where I teach you how to get the most out of Mellotape including tips & tricks and methods how to create your own sounds

Compatible with Serum versions 1.214 and over


Short Manual

There is a pdf included with the soundbank that tells you exactly how to install the soundbank, wavetables and noises.

Anthracite Serum Skin

The best Serum skin hands down, optimized for high resolution 4k screens. For Free!

Over 69 Noise Samples

Noise samples from various analog devices, vinyl records and many other sources

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$54,88 $39,20



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