Warm Analog For Xfer Serum




Warm Analog For Xfer Serum

Serum is a great synth and there are many soundbanks available for it. But you find rarely soundbanks that emulate analog sounds


I set myself up for the task to create 64 new sounds that are great for Genres like Funk, Soul, R&B just as creating certain “vintage” vibes.


You also get 50 new wavetables from three analog synths, edited and trimmed to one single cycle so you can create your own analog sounds from these new wavetables.

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What’s inside the pack?

+ 56 more presets…

Xfer Serum is known for a rather cold sounding synth but what if I told you that it also can sound like a real analog synth?

If you feed it with waveforms from classic synths like the Minimoog for example and emulate the oscillator drift you can get astonishing analog sounds with a lot of character.

And this is exactly what I did with this soundbank. It has over 50 new single cycle waveforms that were handmade over a long period of time from three different Moog synthesizers. Out of these 50 wavetables I created 64 completely new sounds.


  • Learning how to create your own analog sound by reverse engineering the patches
  • Adding an analog vibe to your tracks by layering these patches with other sounds
  • Developing your own sound by using these unique patches
  • Using completely new sounds to create new ideas

But that’s not all…

Alternative Serum Skin ($10 Value)

I’ve tried a lot of serum skins but this one is one of the best out there. This skin also includes 9 different colour schemes to choose from.

Bonus Rocket Science Soundbank ( $15 Value)

This soundbank was made when I owned a Waldorf Rocket synth. All the sounds inside are based on this synth. A lot of new wavetables, Noise OSC samples to experiment with.

over 64 new sounds

Including, Bass, Lead, Pluck, Pad and other sounds

over 50 new wavetables

Created from 3 analog synths, edited in a soundeditor to make perfect one cycle wavetables

Bonus Soundbank

Rocket Science Soundbank with over 25 new sounds made from several Waldorf Rocket wavetables and samples

Compatible with Serum versions 1.214 and over


Short Manual

There is a pdf included with the soundbank that tells you exactly how to install the soundbank and the wavetables

Anthracite Serum Skin

The best Serum skin hands down, optimized for high resolution 4k screens. For Free!
“Man I bought it and it’s so sick!! Thanks for sharing these sounds. Appreciate you going into all the effort. I’m trying to learn the ins and outs of Serum and your presets have given me a ton of motivation to find something a little unique myself. Thanks again.”
@martinkoleczko on Instagram

Music Producer

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Approximately $17 (We’re billing in Euros)

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