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When I launched the site back in 2008 my idea was to make a website to give back to the audio community. I enjoyed getting knowledge from audio forums and audio books when I was a beginner. So there was always the idea to write interesting articles with content and sharing knowledge. But I just can’t do it all alone. Sometimes I have so many things to do that I just can’t find the time to update the blog regularly. Especially with the big success of the Instagram account, I can barely answer all the emails I get from people every day. So I would be glad to have people who have a passion for music and audio technology who want to share some knowledge with the TMPB Community.


Who can become a TMPB Writer?


Just anyone! I don’t require you to have any experience as an established writer or blogger. However, it would be great if you had a couple years of experience in the audio field. One important thing is that you need to know exactly what you are talking about. There is no point to writing an article about “parallel compression” if you never done this technique in your DAW.

It would be great if you could contribute original and unpublished articles. I’m also against content theft plagiarism. At least write in your own words and give credit in your work.




  • Contact me (admin@themusicproducersblog) with a short description of yourself, your experience/skills in the audio/music field and the topics you’re interested in
  • Attach URLs of your work whether it’s a personal website, blog or soundcloud account
  • Suggest some topics you are passionate about and the type of article you would like to write
  • Please don’t send large articles or files unless we talked about them earlier

I’m interested in long-term collaborations with people all around the world. I also can help out with some info here and there.

Benefits of Writing for TMPB


TMPB has seen some phenomenal growth on Instagram and various other social media channels and here is what I can offer you:

  • Each writer will be acknowledged at the bottom of the article as the author along with a link to their official website and Instagram account as well as a short but detailed biography.
  • Great exposure via the TMPB-Website, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Articles will be shared on Instagram via a link in Bio + Stories + Your @Name
  • Play an integral part in the audio community by sharing your talents, skills and knowledge.
  • Soundpacks and VST’s: I always get some goodies to test and review, but unfortunately can’t find the time to do it, so you can do a review and get them FOR FREE!


Share Your Skills & Talents

If you have the passion, knowledge, and talent in the audio world I have a big audience waiting to hear what you have to share with them. I’m always excited to make new contacts and friends to explore new possibilities and I would be glad to have you on the team!

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