50 Free Ableton Live Templates

If you’re looking for free Ableton live templates you can find a great selection of templates from various music genres in this article.

Mixing With Headphones

Learn the advantages and disadvantages on mixing with headphones. Are they a valid alternative to studio monitor speakers?

Eventide Equivocate – Paragraphic EQ

Eventide Equivocate is a paragraphic 26-band equalizer that is great for mixing and mastering. It offers great functionality to clone and match EQs.

The Best Computer For Music Production

A guide on buying the best computer for music production. Learn about the key components and the differences between PCs and MACs for audio use.

10 Essential Steps To Start Producing Music

If you’re just starting out producing music this guide is for you. All the essential things you need to build yourself a home studio.

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